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Leak detection and repair
Potable water is a valuable and expensive commodity. An undetected leak can cost the consumer thousands of dollars as the water literally runs into the ground. Water damage to buildings can go undetected for a period of time, creating costly damage to surrounding surfaces. Wookhaven Plumbing Heating and Cooling surveys and energy audits save homeowners thousands of dollars every year.
Leaks can occur in water pipes for a variety of reasons including the age of the systems or construction disruption of waterlines. Leak Masters locates energy loss sources due to water pipe leaks by utilizing specialized listening equipment, from ground probes to frequency sensitivity computers. Leak detectors and video cameras are used to inspect pipelines for gas and water leaks. Plumbers conduct pipeline leak testing under concrete slab, asphalt, and behind walls, and follow with repair or replacement of the damaged section. Special slab leak detection equipment is employed to locate and repair leaky pipes under the concrete foundation of the home.